Friday, June 7, 2013

Play the gardener.

(The Brunch magazine last week published some fascinating articles about - 10 things you can do on summer morning in Delhi. I've posted these articles at Motley Delhi for the people who do not read the Brunch magazine.) Stay connected for more.

 Closest metro station: Pashchim Vihar

Visit a nursery on a weekend.With the luxury of space at their disposal, Delhiites love surrounding themselves with greenery. For many of them, early morning visits to any of the nurseries dotting the city, is the best idea ever. 
That’s what West Delhi entrepreneur Aditya Vij does every few weeks. The nature enthusiast has close to 50 potted plants on the terrace of his Bali Nagar residence and yearns for more. On weekends, Vij visits the cluster of nurseries located at Nangloi, along with his daughters.

Whether it is flowers like roses, sunflowers or gerberas, or plants such as croton or even fruits like guava or grape, everything is available at these nurseries at decent prices. They open at about six in the morning, and get a steady stream of early morning visitors who want to buy saplings and plant them immediately. 
“The prices range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 3,000," says Rinku, founder of Saini Nursery, one of the largest in the area.
Plenty of visitors like to pack sandwiches and have chai at the tea-shops adjacent to the cluster of nurseries. Then it becomes like a family weekend outing and therefore, even more enjoyable. Plus, there’s an opportunity to spot some winged beauties such as as sunbird, parrots and peacocks.

 Pick up your favorite saplings at down-to-earth prices.