Friday, June 7, 2013

Fame the city.

(The Brunch magazine last week published some fascinating articles about - 10 things you can do on summer morning in Delhi. I've posted these articles at Motley Delhi for the people who do not read the Brunch magazine.) Stay connected for more.

Photowalk with the Delhi Photography Club

The Delhi Photography Club organises a photowalk every fortnight. This time it was at Firoz Shah Kotla, the absolutely fabulous fortress (not to be confused with the stadium).

One of the best way to discover the monuments of the Delhi Sultanate is through these kind of events. I’d been to Firoz Shah Kotla once before to watch a play performed against the historical backdrop. But then, I missed the mosque, the Ashokan column, the palace ruins, the lush green gardens.

We met at 7am, a group of 20-odd amateur photographers and a handful of professionals. For 15 minutes, we were briefed about the site – its lost gilded stones, the Ashokan pillar that was moved here by Firoz Shah Tughlaq from Ambala, and the tamarind from the trees that was used to tan leather back then.

We had two hours to shoot whatever we liked and so we scattered around. The idea is not to teach photography but to motivate you to shoot. But help is always at hand. Ritu Sharma, a 27-year-old student, says she has learnt a lot over half a dozen walks in the last year. “You can see how people take shots and discuss their photos with them.” You’ll see people lying down, crouching, or climbing up something – and you’ll see at least three others copying their frames. There’s always someone showing off their photos and someone dispensing free advice.

By the time you’re at breakfast (arranged by the club), you’ll have made a few friends too!

You don’t need to be an amazing photographer, all you need is a camera. My phone is the best camera I have and I’m terrible at taking photos. Yet, this was fun and I got one good photo out too (thanks to Instagram!)

Different locations every fortnight. In the last few months, they’ve covered Azadpur mandi, Red Fort, Khari Baoli, Qutub Minar and more.