Monday, May 13, 2013

A village with expensive cafeterias - Hauz Khas Village

HISTORY: The Hauz Khas fort was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. (also known as Feroz Shah Kotla who was an enlightened ruler.) He was known for “his keen sense of historical precedent, statements of dynastic legitimacy and the power of monumental architecture” He built the fort alongside the lovely and Royal tank of Hauz Khas, and built his own tomb next door. The lake that was originally a tank was dug by the emperor Alauddin Khilji  for supplying water to the residents of his capital city Siri (in the present Siri Fort area). Feroz Shah also built along the sides of the reservoir a beautiful Madrasa or university, which in its hey day was considered the most eminent center of Islamic learning in the world.


Get to Hauz Khas Village by Metro: Yellow line to Green Park.
By Road: Take a left after Aurobindo Market and keep straight. Makeshift parking is on the left at the start of the village walk.  

#Hauz Khas Village is like a little island in South Delhi. Offering a mix of modernity and tradition, this vibrant and wealthy neighborhood is filled with uncountable art galleries, bookstores, antique shops, modern bars, Restaurants and some sophisticated restaurants and is located just a few steps away from the slums and the noisy streets of Delhi. Most importantly it has a beautiful lakeside fort and deer park. It's crooked lanes lead through a tiny urban village.

Grafity on the streets of Hauz Khas village.

It attracts a young crowd of creative people, foodies, travelers and tourists who flow through the variety of shops here. One could argue there is something of a “hippie” background to this neighborhood where people seem to enjoy simply relaxing and wasting time. Many of the local establishments are owned or managed by foreigners themselves who have fallen in love with the magic of the village. Today the so called royal lake and the surrounding place is the most beautiful place in Delhi to visit, but the environment there is not worth visiting with family because it has turned into just another lovers' park.

FEROZ SHAH'S TOMB - The tomb, a square chamber, is made of local quartzite rubble with a surface plaster finish that sparkled in white colour when completed. The door, pillars and lintels were made of grey quartzites while red sandstone was used for carvings of the battlements. The door way depicts a blend of Indian and Islamic architecture. Another new feature not seen at any other monument in Delhi, built at the entrance to the tomb from the south, is the stone railings (see picture). There are four graves inside the tomb, one is of Feruz Shah and two others are of his son and grand son.
Yet in the photo above you've just seen a pretty part of Hauz Khas village. There is so much more to be witnessed here!
It is not at all a typical village but much more than that.

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