Friday, June 7, 2013

Buy roses, for a song

(The Brunch magazine last week published some fascinating articles about - 10 things you can do on summer morning in Delhi. I've posted these articles at Motley Delhi for the people who do not read the Brunch magazine.) Stay connected for more.

Closest metro station: New Ashok Nagar

 Flower-shopping at the Phoolon ki Mandi in East Delhi.

If you like fragrances and colours or if you love having vases of fresh flowers all over your home, head to the Ghazipur Flower Market in East Delhi. This is a wholesale market that supplies flowers to retailers in the city. But there’s nothing to prevent you from going there and stocking up on flowers for your home – at really cheap prices.

Before they were relocated to Ghazipur, the flower sellers used to operate out of Connaught Place, Fateh Puri and Mehrauli. Though October to February are probably the best months for business, the mandi does reasonably well in summer too. Roses, orchids, carnations, lotuses, chrysanthemums, helconia – you get a big range.

The exotic-looking helconia, which could be mistaken for Bird Of Paradise, comes from Bangalore and costs Rs. 80 per stem here. If you buy them from your neighbourhood florist, they can cost anything between Rs. 120-200 per stem. Anthuriums are sold at just Rs. 10 per stem! If you’re fond of lilies, they can be yours for Rs. 10 per stem, almost one seventh the price everywhere else. Orchids, in hues of purple, deep blue and white, are sold in batches of 10 stems, for just Rs. 150. Roses (sold in batches of 20 stems) come in two varieties – Bordo (from Nasik) and Taj Mahal or Tata (straight from Kulu). The former cost as little as Rs. 60 and the latter cost Rs. 170 and come in yellow, orange, pink and white.

Nobody shouts or hounds buyers at this mandi. So don’t bargain like you would at Janpath or Sarojini Nagar. If you just smile and talk politely, you have a good chance of getting 100 Bordo roses for just Rs. 50! That’s the bargaining power of a smile at ever-blooming Ghazipur!

Exotic varieties at amazingly cheap rates in the biggest bloom bazaar in town