Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kashmiri Gate near Kashmiri gate Station

The Kashmere Gate was built as a gateway of the fortified city of Shahjahanabad. It was developed by Shahjahan after shifting of his capital from Agra to Delhi in 1638 AD. The city was enclosed by rubble built high walls strengthened by bastions (circular as well as square from) and fourteen gates as entry and exit from different regions. Kashmiri Gate is one of the forteen gates and its location defined the route towards Kashmir from the Shahjahanabad. 

Its significance is also associated with its usage by Britishers and by Indian freedom fighters during Mutiny of 1857. Britishers when first started settling in Delhi, established their residential estates in Kashmere Gate area. During Mutiny Indian freedom fighters used to gate to attack Britishers by firing cannon balls. They utilized the area for assembling and developing strategies for freedom fights. Hence, the gate symbolizes the first patriots who committed their lives for the cause of independence.  Today, we see parts of the original city walls near the gate.