Friday, June 7, 2013

Just wing it.

(The Brunch magazine last week published some fascinating articles about - 10 things you can do on summer morning in Delhi. I've posted these articles at Motley Delhi for the people who do not read the Brunch magazine.) Stay connected for more.

Closest metro station: Jasola Apollo


Visit the Okhla bird sanctuary on the Yamuna and spot resident and migratory birds. 

Leaving the only asphalt road in the park behind us, a 30-metre long bamboo pier takes you deep into winding muddy paths. inside this four-kilometre green playground, on the nature trails, and two watch-towers and floating man-made mud-islands full of birds.
Home to more than 300 species, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary resonates with birdsong. Gates open at 7am and you can take the car right till the mud trail near the watchtowers. Find a perch for yourself and your binoculars or camera, and try to spot various species of resident birds and guests (the migratory birds) as they fly to the 200 plywood nests that the forest authorities have places all over the park (all of them have occupants).

In the winter, the sanctuary attracts birds from Tibet, Europe and even Siberia.
Of the many residential birds found her, the Spotted Owlet, Grey Hornbill, and the Rose-Ringed Parakeet are some that you could spot on land. The best time for bird watching is sunrise. So sleep early. Yes, even here, the early birds gets the worms (you being the bird of course)!


Nature trails leading deep into the sanctuary, that are connected  by bamboo piers.