Sunday, May 26, 2013

My City. My love.

Delhi completed a full century about an year ago. In these hundered years it has transformed from 'Belgadi to Metro'. Dilli had become the heart of India. It has LITERALLY become the soul mate of every Delhite. There are memories connected with this place. Maybe good or bad.
Be it those roads overloaded with traffic, or beggars at every red light. From the seven star hotels to the street-food, everything in this city is unique. From the high streets of the town to the damaged sleek lanes of Chandni chork - we love them all.
It is a place where rickshaws run with expensive cars on the same road. Nothing can beat the colourful chaos of Dilli Haat and the swarming roads of Kamla Nagar. From the Meadows full of daffodils to the plain Ramlila gound- we love them all.
Chilled coke in the blazing Sun and a hot cup of coffee in the freezing winters is all we need here. Be it the malls of Saket, Greater Kailash or Janpath, Sarojini Nagar everything has its own identity.
'Street chaat purani Delhi ki Jaan hai to Bade bade malls New Delhi ki pehchan hai.'
Bhool Bhulaiya of Jantar Mantar, the lighting of Akshadham, bike stunts at India Gate, the love among the people of Delhi-6. The craze among people to see Red fort, Qulab minar, Lotus temple, old fort. Everything is so special here.
Proud to be a Delhite,
Took my first breath here. Will take my last breath here.
In LOVE with Dilli. <3

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